Car theft is an event none of us want to deal with but when it happens, there are actions that should be taken before the vehicle can be driven safely.

After a vehicle is stolen, the thieves drive away and may do all manner of things before the car is recovered. High on drugs, drunk, or just disrespectful, the people who stole the vehicle don’t care what happens to your car. While in your vehicle, they may do drugs, vomit, throw trash, destroy the interior, urinate, defecate, and leave other things behind.

When the car is recovered

When the car is recovered, you should always have the vehicle tested to make sure there is nothing dangerous in the interior. Often, the people who steal vehicles are involved in the drug trade in one way or another and so it is always good to check. Even when the car or truck is found by police, they don’t clean or test the vehicle themselves. You will need to find a biohazard cleanup company or other drug testing company to do the task. Even if a vehicle looks clean and the police aren’t there to check, you still need to have it tested for drugs before entering the interior. There are many drugs and paraphernalia that are dangerous to come into contact with that may not be readily apparent.

Drugs can find their way into your system either through your skin or enter your respiratory system. Don’t take the chance of damaging your health by assuming your car is clean—always have it tested. Only when the drug test is negative and there are no biohazards can you enter the vehicle.

Cars stolen from a Kalihi dealership

The owner of a used car dealership in Kalihi recently had to deal with trashed stolen cars when thieves broke into his office and stole 100 keys and five vehicles. After a staff member discovered the smashed door in the morning, they reported the thefts to the police and evaluated what was missing. In fear of what else could be taken, the owners slept at the property while the police investigated the crime. With help and an outpouring of support, the owners were able to restore the door and rekey the vehicles with stolen keys.

In the two days following the crime, police found two of the five stolen vehicles. When the second vehicle, a $39,000 Mercedes SUV, was located, there was no major damage but police found the interior trashed with garbage and bottles including a marijuana joint. Each vehicle they have found with drug paraphernalia or when drug use has been suspected has been professionally cleaned by biohazard cleanup experts. After putting on protective gear, they removed all traces of drugs and other biohazards and restored the car so the staff and any customers can drive it safely.

Our team is here to help

If your vehicle or boat has been damaged and you need drugs and other biohazards cleaned up, call our team at Bio X Hawaii. In cases where the use of drugs is suspected or drug paraphernalia is found, we’ll test your vehicle and conduct any needed cleanup so you and your family can operate the vehicle knowing it is safe for your loved ones.

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