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Dealing with the aftermath of a traumatic event on your property can be overwhelming and stressful. On top of the event itself, you then must deal with the contamination of blood and other bodily fluids in your Hawaiian home or business. As the trusted trauma cleanup experts throughout the Hawaiian Islands, Bio X Hawaii are here for you to quickly step into these moments with reliable cleanup and disinfection, so your spaces are fresh and clean.

We serve all the Hawaiian Islands

Based in Honolulu, Oahu, Bio X Hawaii gladly serves all the Hawaiian Islands after traumatic events to make sure your property’s safety is restored and free of all contaminates. When needed on an island other than Oahu, do know we have to fly there. While this isn’t an issue for us, it does come with an additional cost.

Bio X Hawaii provides 24/7 trauma cleanup services

Traumatic events happen at unexpected times and need immediate attention to prevent further damage. When left shocked and grief stricken, you need a reliable trauma cleaning company to step in and take over cleaning up after the blood, body fluids, chemicals, or drugs so you can focus on recovery.

Available around the clock, 24/7/365, we are always available for emergency trauma cleanup after events such as:

When you call, we’ll ask a few basic questions, so we have an idea of what needs to be done, answer any questions of yours, then head out to your property. Arriving in an unmarked vehicle with plain uniforms to protect your privacy from any prying eyes, we’ll get right to work donning protective gear, cordoning off the affected area, then removing all biohazards from the surfacing and building structure layers.

Bio X Hawaii’s trusted trauma cleanup process

With years of experience, we know the places to look where blood and bodily fluids may have found their way and we have the tools to make sure even the tiniest nooks and crannies are thoroughly cleaned. When all visible hazards are removed, we’ll then clean, sanitize, and disinfect all surfaces so no invisible issues such as bacteria, viruses, and other bloodborne pathogens remain. If any lingering odor is present, we’ll handle that as well. Once the property is fully restored to health and safety, we’ll legally dispose of all biohazardous waste with all necessary licenses and permits, strictly adhering to all federal and local rules and regulations.

Property insurance usually covers trauma cleanup

We understand the cost of professional trauma cleanup can be a concern. With no money taken upfront, most property insurance policies in Hawaii cover the cost of trauma cleanup. Though you will need to check on the coverage of your specific policy, our team will be happy to document all damages to your home or business and even file the claim on your behalf, so you don’t have to deal with all that paperwork. Most policies cover:

  • Cleanup of blood and other bodily fluids as well as legal disposal of infected material
  • Restoration of the property to pre-event conditions
  • Reimbursement for any damaged items that could not be decontaminated

Leave trauma cleanup to us

Most of us have handled the cleanup and treatment of small wounds from time to time with no issue. However, when the spill of blood or bodily fluids is larger or has seeped into layers of materials, then it is time to leave the cleanup up to professionals who know how to handle such problems.

People untrained in biohazard cleanup and without the proper tools and knowledge, can easily miss where blood has seeped into the building structure or where bodily fluids have leaked underneath the floorboards. In addition, any property owner who doesn’t make sure all biohazards after a trauma have been fully removed and then legally disposed of can face legal actions and liability for any resulting damage. With Bio X Hawaii, we fulfill those legal requirements by ensuring full legal compliance and quality cleanup.

With the latest cleaning technology, every member of our team knows how to make sure all biohazards have been removed from a trauma scene while protecting themselves and others. As the go-to trauma cleanup company throughout Hawaii, we’ll make sure you are free to move forward in safety.

Call us today for trauma cleanup

Bio X Hawaii is dedicated to serving everyone we meet with genuine aloha. When you call us, our owner, Mark, is always available to talk with you at (808) 388-6700. Whether you have any questions or need a free quote and consultation, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help. With experienced trauma cleanup experts and great customer service, you are in hands that care about you and your loved ones.

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Available 24/7
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