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Hawaii’s MRSA Cleanup Company

Bio X Hawaii provides MRSA cleanup on Oahu and the outer islands.

Bio X Hawaii is based on Oahu, but provides MRSA cleanup services throughout the Hawaiian Islands for medical facilities, businesses, and private property owners. As a local Hawaiian company, we are here to protect our community by cleaning up after MRSA infections and disinfecting the area to prevent anyone else from becoming ill.

MRSA is a Highly Contagious Bacterial Infection

MRSA, otherwise known as methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, is a highly contagious bacterial infection. Having developed a resistance to most antibiotics, the bacteria is part of the staph infection group of bacteria and can survive on surfaces such as medical equipment, fabric, doorknobs, and furniture for as long as hours, days or even weeks depending on the material.

The symptoms of MRSA depends on the infected area but the infection usually shows up first as a mark on the skin – looking like a pimple or a spider bite. It then develops into skin rashes and boils which are filled with pus or other fluids and is often accompanied by a fever. The danger is most people aren’t familiar with how common MRSA really is and they write off the early stages of the infection until it becomes more serious. During this time, they touch surfaces and the bacteria spreads to others.

If MRSA is left untreated, the bacteria can eat away at the skin around an infected wound. Sometimes, the bacteria stays at skin level. At other times, the infection then reaches the bones or the blood stream, turning to sepsis and sometimes even proving fatal.

Bio X Hawaii Provides Fast MRSA Disinfection

Hard to kill and highly contagious, a property infected with MRSA needs to be cleaned and disinfected as soon as possible to mitigate the damage and protect people’s health. With the latest cleaning technology and strong disinfectants able to kill the MRSA bacteria, our team at Bio X Hawaii is available 24/7 for infectious disease cleanup throughout the islands.

If your property is infected with MRSA, rely on Bio X Hawaii to remedy the problem and create a safe space. Don’t rely on people who are untrained in how to kill the MRSA bacteria. Without the knowledge of which disinfectants are strong enough to kill it and how to protect yourself from becoming infected while trying to eradicate it, you open yourself up to a dangerous situation and legal liability. With Bio X Hawaii, you can rest assured the area is safe and your investments are protected.

Fully licensed and bonded, our team at Bio X Hawaii have years of experience in infectious disease cleanup. With a proven track record of excellence and superior customer service, we are the go-to experts for MRSA cleanup services throughout Hawaii.

Prevent the Spread of MRSA

The best way to prevent MRSA is regular hand washing and thorough cleaning of areas where people move around in close quarters. These can include medical centers, prisons, schools, sports teams, nail salons, and in the military, among others. Easily communicable from one person to another through sharing personal items, direct touch, or touching the same surface, MRSA spreads easily, especially when a wound isn’t well-covered or treated. Once MRSA takes hold, though, it is important to have the area cleaned by infectious disease cleanup professionals so the property is safe and people are protected.

Call Bio X Hawaii for MRSA Cleanup Services

If you need MRSA cleanup services in your Hawaii business, home, or medical facility, call us at Bio X Hawaii. As a fully licensed and certified biohazard cleaning company, we have fielded thousands of calls and know what it takes to handle any kind of property you need disinfected. When you call, you’ll always speak directly with our owner, Mark, who is happy to answer any questions or provide a free quote and consultation. Our number is (808) 388-6700.

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Available 24/7
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