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Hoarding Cleanup

When faced with a hoarded home or a house full of clutter, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work to clean up the property and make is habitable. Not only can it take immense amounts of time, but the dangers hidden in a hoard poses a threat to anyone who comes into contact with things such as mold, urine, feces, spoiled food, and sharp objects.

If you are dealing with cleaning up a hoarded or cluttered home on any of the Hawaiian Islands, call us at Bio X Hawaii for fast and superior service. We’ll take the load off your hands and return the property to you in newly restored condition.

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The dangers of hoarding

From clutter in a home to hoarded boxes high overhead, having too many belongings in a space creates multiple problems for both the hoarder, neighbors, and anyone trying to enter the home. Without intervention and proper cleanup, these dangers compound one upon another as time goes on and more items are accumulated thus creating an unsafe living environment. The biggest dangers include:

  • Fires: With so many items filling a home’s interior, not only can there be unaddressed electrical issues lurking behind the walls but when a fire does break out, first responders can’t move around inside the home or get to inhabitants who may be trapped within it.
  • Vermin, Pests, and Infestation: Without proper cleaning and with all the places to hide, pests and other vermin such as mice, roaches, fleas, ants, termites, spiders, and other rodents make their way indoors leaving urine, feces, and dead carcasses behind. This problem can be compounded if there is animal hoarding as well.
  • Disease: Between the infestation of vermin, bodily fluids, spoiled food, lack of air quality, and unsanitary living conditions, disease can run rampant in a hoarded home. The people who live there can become seriously ill and if an ambulance is needed, first responders may not be able to enter the home to help.
  • Risk of injury by tripping over possessions: With narrow places to walk and items stacked high overhead, there is a high risk of injury by tripping over obstacles or having boxes fall down on someone.

Compassion and service are our top priorities

When a person has accumulated a lot of clutter in their home or struggle with hoarding, we understand shame and guilt are a part of their situation. Ashamed of the condition of their home, hoarders and their families tend to isolate themselves from the outside world, stay at home, don’t invite people over, and hide their home’s condition from others. For the person’s health and the health of others including people and animals, the situation must be dealt with.

At Bio X Hawaii, we understand both the person’s struggle with shame and guilt and the need to help them live in a safe environment. Working cooperatively with the property owner and/or the hoarder themselves, we treat every person and object with compassionate care and deep respect.

After arriving at the property and assessing the situation, we then work with the hoarder to discard unneeded items, donating them whenever possible, find lost treasures among the piles including important memorabilia and paperwork, then thoroughly clean, disinfect, and sanitize the home to make it safe to live in.

Trust hoarding cleanup to the professionals

Cleaning up after hoarders is hazardous for anyone without experience in how to protect themselves and others from the dangers in that type of environment. While digging through the clutter, especially items which have been there for a long time, there is great potential of coming across sharp items, pests, mold, and other health hazards that have flourished unseen. This, combined with the strong odor, makes it extremely difficult and time-consuming for a property owner, friend, or family member to clean the property.

With personal protective gear, powerful cleaners, and professional equipment, our team at Bio X Hawaii is capable of quickly sorting through and cleaning out large areas, restoring them to a healthy environment, while also keeping everyone safe from harm.

Allowing the most professional company in Hawaii to clean the property for you will ensure no clutter is left behind, all treasured items are saved, and that everything is cleared, bagged properly, transported and disposed of in a specialized manner, befitting the hazardous material it is while protecting the environment. We are also happy to help you by filing an insurance claim on your behalf and answering any questions along the way.

Call the professionals at Bio X Hawaii

If you need fast and easy clutter or hoarding cleanup, Mark, the owner of Bio X Hawaii, is always here to talk with you at (808) 388-6700. We are available 24/7 and are happy to answer any questions, provide you with a free consultation and estimate, or to come out to your property for immediate service.

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Available 24/7
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