Oahu is a popular vacation destination with many hotels in Honolulu, Waikiki, and around the island. From time to time, someone passes away in their hotel room here in Hawaii and they aren’t discovered for a time. This is what is known as an unattended death, and it should be cleaned up by a professional biohazard cleaning company.

During the period between someone passing away and being found, the body starts to decompose, and the body fluids can damage the property around the body as it naturally breaks down. In addition to potential stains and odors, disease-causing viruses and bacteria lurk in these fluids that can damage the health of your guests and staff. To safely and legally rent out the unit again, all biohazards must be safely removed, and all surfaces disinfected.

Bio X Hawaii is here with fast biohazard cleanup

When you need fast service for a death cleanup in an Oahu hotel room, our staff at Bio X Hawaii work fast so you can place the room back in service with the least disruption as possible. By isolating the damaged area and working through the space from top to bottom, we carefully clean all the nooks and crannies with industrial-grade cleaners and powerful cleaning equipment, making sure every tiny amount of fluid is fully removed.

Our services include:

  • Property restoration: If an item can be cleaned and placed safely back in service or returned, we carefully decontaminate it and return it to the proper owner.
  • Legal biohazard disposal: If any material such as furniture, bedding, or carpet cannot be salvaged, we safely remove it as biohazardous waste in clearly marked bags then legally dispose of it with all the necessary licenses and permits, carefully following all federal and local rules and regulations.
  • Odor removal: The odor from a decomposing body is an unforgettable odor. After removing the odor-causing materials, we remove any lingering odor as well so no guest will be able to detect what occurred.
  • Privacy: As a Hawaii business, we know your reputation is on the line. Working discreetly to not draw any attention to ourselves, we strive to be as invisible as possible, working away from any guests so you aren’t asked unnecessary questions.

Ensuring safety for your hotel guests

At Bio X Hawaii, we extend aloha to you and your guests by making sure all the biohazards have been removed and all areas sanitized and disinfected. We carefully go through all the layers to make sure nothing remains unseen and everything in the room is safe. When our work is complete, we test the area to make sure nothing has been missed so you can rest assured the space is safe to rent out to the next guest.

Call us for immediate service

Our team at Bio X Hawaii is available around the clock to talk with you and provide unattended death cleanup to all the hotels around the island. As the proven experts in biohazard cleanup throughout Hawaii, you can turn to us whenever you need reliable decontamination after an unattended death in your Oahu hotel or rental. Give us a call today.

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