In times of crisis when blood is spilled, Bio X Hawaii is the professional service provider you can rely on to handle the needed biohazard cleanup.

Earlier this month in Hawaii Kai, a 41-year-old man got into an argument with his roommate about food and stabbed him in the jaw with a steak knife. When two other roommates tried to de-escalate the situation, the man also stabbed them with the same weapon.

All three stabbing victims were transported to the hospital in serious condition with the two other roommates sustaining wounds to their heads, hands, stomachs, and arms. Hospital staff administered advanced life-saving treatment and all three men survived the incident.

After the stabbing, the suspect fled the scene. After a search, Honolulu Police found the suspect the same night at Sandy Beach Park on the eastern tip of Oahu, just south of where the incident took place. He has since been charged with one count of attempted murder in the first degree and three counts of attempted murder in the second degree.

Blood poses significant health risks

Violent crimes such as this stabbing can leave behind gruesome and dangerous scenes. With multiple wounds sustained by three different people, there was a lot of blood spilled in a wide area. The blood and body fluids spilled pose a significant health risk to anyone in the area with a variety of bacteria and viruses exposed on surfaces. With all this potential for infectious diseases and contaminants, it is essential to address blood cleanup as soon as possible and only by professional biohazard cleaners.

Call the professionals for blood cleanup

Only professional biohazard cleaners should clean scenes like where the triple stabbing took place. When spilled, blood can land on a shocking variety of surfaces and for those untrained, it is easy to miss contaminants. Attempting to clean up such a scene without proper training, equipment, and knowledge can lead to severe health risks and emotional trauma for all those involved. Particularly in this case, it would be retraumatizing for the homeowner to clean his and his roommate’s blood, in addition to the severe risks to his health.

The role of biohazard cleanup specialists

When you call biohazard cleanup specialists, we do more than just clean a property. Trained in all legal and federal rules and regulations, we work hard to ensure all blood is removed and safely and legally disposed of as medical waste. Equipped with industrial-grade cleaners, professional equipment, and personal protective equipment, we quickly and efficiently restore safety to any property and remove the legal liability from your shoulders.

The cleanup process

When we clean up blood after any incident, including violent crimes like this triple stabbing, we have a consistent cleanup process that ensures all contaminates are removed and the property is restored to safety.

  1. Cross-Contamination Prevention: After protecting ourselves with personal protective equipment, we protect all clean areas to prevent any cross-contamination.
  2. Biohazards Removal: Contaminated materials are carefully removed and all surfaces are decontaminated. Any biohazards are disposed of legally as biohazardous waste.
  3. Sanitizing: All remaining surfaces (walls, floors, and objects) are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized.
  4. Odor Removal: If there is any unpleasant odor and we’ve removed the source, we use professional equipment to eliminate it and restore a sense of normalcy.

Legal considerations

When a crime takes place on a property, it is the property owners’ responsibility to make sure all blood and body fluids are safely removed so no further harm comes to those who occupy the space. With our team at Bio X Hawaii on the job, you can leave that responsibility to us. We will take on the legal liability and ensure your property is restored to safety. Don’t take the legal liability on yourself. Call us today for immediate service.

Bio X Hawaii is always available

Bio X Hawaii is here for you just like we were there for the owner of the property where the triple stabbing occurred. If you own a property where blood has been spilled, we will be there for you with fast and efficient cleanup. As the trusted biohazard cleanup company throughout Hawaii, we are committed to being there to help you get on the road to recovery.

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