Hawaii’s recent rates of COVID-19 cases are rising sharply, reflecting the same trends as the rest of the country. In the last four days, diagnosed cases have been in the triple digits with no sign of slowing down. With the majority of all cases being diagnosed on Oahu, recent numbers of COVID-19 cases in Hawaii include:

  • November 5th – 115
  • November 6th – 125
  • November 7th – 128
  • November 8th – 128

On November 8th alone, 106 of the coronavirus cases were on Oahu. As of November 8th, this currently brings our total as a state to 15,947 cases with 13,810 being on Oahu. With cases going up this high, our hospitals are in danger of being overwhelmed with people needing intensive care and ventilators. While we are able to handle the influx now, our medical care will be strained if we start moving into the number of cases we saw in early October which regularly reached over 200. Patients with infectious diseases tend to need more nursing care and personal protective equipment than someone without COVID-19 so the strain on a health system, especially an isolated one such as ours, can add up fast.

A rise in cases was expected

A rise in COVID-19 cases was expected to occur when we moved from Level 1 to Level 2 of reopening. More people are working together, sharing space, and interacting. Also, as we move into the ninth month of this pandemic, people are tired of the isolation and understandably want to spend time with their loved ones. Now, as we move into the holidays and more people are traveling, coronavirus cases are expected to rise even further.

Moving forward to Tier 3 or back to Tier 1

In order to move to Tier 3 of Oahu’s reopening plan, COVID-19 cases on Oahu must drop below 50 per day for two weeks straight. Currently on Tier 2, we would automatically move back to Tier 1 if cases are over 100 each day for two weeks. That measurement automatically began several days ago and will be closely monitored.

Find ways to celebrate at a distance this season

As we move into our cooler months and prepare to celebrate the holidays, it’s going to take all of us working together, staying socially distant, and wearing masks to lower the case numbers. To protect ourselves and our loved ones, we need to sacrifice now so we can be together in person later. As much as it can hurt not to celebrate with extended family and friends, let’s find ways to celebrate at a distance in order to save lives and be able to move forward from this as a community.

Bio X Hawaii is here to help

If you need infectious disease cleanup anywhere throughout the Hawaiian islands, Bio X Hawaii is always here to help. Based on Oahu, we regularly provide infectious disease remediation for properties with known COVID-19 cases. Using the state-of-the-art cleaning technology, you can count on us to be there for you whenever you need us with reliable infectious disease cleanup.

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