Hawaii Island police recently reported the discovery of a body of a 36-year-old man found in a shallow grave along a remote area of Highway 11 on the Big Island. Officials say the man had first been reported missing in July and hadn’t been heard from in several weeks.

Badly decomposed, the man’s body was exhumed from the grave after initial investigations were complete in an area just south of the Hawaii Volcanos National Park boundary. Initial autopsy reports ruled the cause of death as homicide and the investigation is ongoing. Anyone with information can call the Hawaii Island police’s non-emergency number at (808) 935-3311.

Our deepest condolences go out to the man’s family and friends for their loss.

Dead body cleanup in the outdoors

Here in Hawaii, bodies found outside tend to move through the decomposition process faster than if the body is left indoors. Not only is the body in contact with microbes in the soil and insects that help break the body down, bodies also decompose faster in humid environments such as ours. Whether inside or out, however, dead body cleanup is still needed. Viruses, bacteria, blood, and bodily fluids break down and find their way into the surrounding environment. All of these hazardous materials then need to be removed as biohazardous waste and the area cleaned to protect the public. At Bio X Hawaii, whether inside or out, we always make sure to use environmentally-friendly cleaners to protect our beloved islands and work quickly to minimize the damage.

What do I do if I find a body?

While coming across the remains of a person who has passed away is a rare occurrence, it does happen occasionally. Whether on a beach, in a body of water, along a roadside, in a park, or inside a building, sometimes a person passes away and the body is left to decompose for a time.

To protect yourself and others, take these steps:

  • Do not touch anything: During a body’s decomposition process, a dead body releases viruses and bacteria that can be harmful to your health and the health of others. There may also be fingerprints and other evidence a police investigator will need to look at to determine whether a crime has taken place. Don’t disturb the scene or tamper with any possible evidence.
  • Call 911 immediately: Call 911 as soon as possible. First responders and the coroner will arrive to take responsibility for the body and conduct an investigation to determine the cause of death.
  • Cordon off the area: Until the police arrive and take over, cordon off the area and make sure no person or animal approaches the person who passed away.
  • Cooperate with the police: As the person who found the body, the police will have several questions for you in their investigation of what happened. Answer all their questions as fully as you are able and provide your contact information in case they need to contact you later.
  • Hire professionals for dead body cleanup if needed: If the property where the dead body was found belongs to you, it is your responsibility to ensure the blood and other bodily fluids are cleaned up by professional biohazard cleaners. Otherwise, you may face legal liability and fines for improper cleanup, illegal transportation of materials, and resulting damages.

Rely on Bio X Hawaii for dead body and decomposition cleanup

Bio X Hawaii is here for all property owners throughout Hawaii to conduct dead body cleanup whenever you need us. As the trusted decomposition cleanup company throughout the islands, we are here to help when you need us. Whether you want to schedule a time to complete the cleanup or need 24/7 emergency services, we have a solution that will work for you.

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