Bio X Hawaii was recently cleaning up biohazards after a stabbing on the North Shore near Sunset Beach where three family members were stabbed by a fourth in their home following an argument. Neighbors reported raised voices the night before as well as the morning of the occurrence and watched as fire trucks and ambulances arrived on scene. When police attempted to arrest the assailant, he collapsed and was also taken to the hospital in critical condition. After investigators released the scene, Bio X Hawaii arrived to restore the property so it was safe for the family to reenter when they returned from receiving medical care.

Quality Blood Cleanup on Oahu

When our team entered the Oahu property in our personal protective gear, we saw drops of blood spread throughout the space. Working from top to bottom, we carefully removed all the blood and body fluids from every surface, making sure all affected layers were addressed, and safely disposed of any unsalvageable infected material. We then carefully cleaned and disinfected all personal belongings that we could save and meticulously went through all surfaces, nooks, and crannies, to ensure no viruses or bacteria remained unseen.

Bio X Hawaii Serves the Hawaii Community

Our team at Bio X Hawaii is passionate about being there for our community by restoring properties after they are infected with various biohazards. When accidents or crimes such as this stabbing happen on a property, blood can go any number of places and seep through building structure layers. To make sure the area is restored and safe, our trained professionals use technology and experience to find all the places blood, body tissue, and body fluids may have gone. Without such meticulous care, blood can be left unseen to damage the structure, cause a foul lingering odor, and be a health risk for others in the area even if no stains are apparent. Our team makes sure all hazards are removed and the area is safe to occupy. We want our community to stay safe so we treat each home as our own and each family with compassion and kindness.

Biohazard Cleaning Services Available 24/7

With blood and other biohazards able to seep through building layers and damage the structure below, it’s important to clean up the area as soon as possible in order to mitigate the amount of damage and minimize the cost of cleanup. On call 24/7, Bio X Hawaii proudly serves all areas of Oahu and all islands throughout Hawaiian. Available for emergency services or a scheduled cleanup, we can work with your schedule to restore your Hawaii home or business as quickly as possible.

Domestic Violence Help Available

While we don’t know the story behind this stabbing or what brought this particular North Shore family to violence, we do know family violence often escalates over time. If you are dealing with violence from your loved ones, we urge you to get help as soon as possible. Every person deserves to be safe and live without fear of emotional or physical violence. Here on the islands, there are several resources available and people who will help you find safety.

  • Domestic Violence Action Center: The Domestic Violence Action Center here in Hawaii helps survivors, educates the public, talks with the press about domestic violence issues, and teaches youth the value of healthy relationships.
  • Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence: The Hawaii State Coalition Against Domestic Violence helps people find safe shelter, connects you with resources, assists in dealing with legal problems, and trains organizations on domestic violence issues.
  • Hawaii Police Department – Domestic Violence Services: The local Hawaii Police Department provides legal information on how to obtain restraining orders, as well as lists of resources including people to talk to, places to stay, and how to obtain medical care.
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