Our team at Bio X Hawaii cleans out biohazards from vacation rentals, condos, and Airbnbs throughout Oahu.

When vacations don’t go as planned and the unexpected happens, we are here to offer fast and professional biohazard cleanup services at your Oahu vacation rental. From cleaning up and disinfecting after spills of blood, to cleaning up vomit, or removing body fluids after a death, we have the in-depth experience you need to ensure your investment is protected.

Fast and professional service

At Bio X Hawaii, we understand you are running a business and that you want to protect yourself and your renters. Thus, we work quickly to get the unit cleaned up and available for rent. Most jobs only take a couple of hours and with prompt 24/7/265 services, we can have things cleaned out and restored to their original condition faster than you think. Services we regularly provide for Oahu vacation rentals include but aren’t limited to:

Leave biohazard cleanup to the professionals

Biohazard cleanup should only be done by those who are trained in biohazard cleanup techniques and who possess the needed equipment and industrial-grade cleaners. Even the smallest amount of blood can have large numbers of viruses and bacteria, posing a health risk to all people and animals in the area. Fluids follow the pull of gravity and seep through structural surfaces to layers underneath, damaging your property investment. A small blood stain on the carpet may indicate a larger pool of blood underneath causing damage and lingering foul odors.

Someone who is not experienced in blood and body fluid cleanup may think the area is clean once the stain is removed, not knowing many damaging organisms are invisible to the naked eye. Our experienced professional biohazard cleaners know how to remove all biohazards and leave the property fresh and clean. Don’t take on the legal liability or risk your business by not having the rental cleaned properly. Hire our team at Bio X Hawaii today.

Insurance often covers the cost of cleanup

Most property insurance policies cover damage to the building structure and personal belongings in the event of a crime, accident, suicide, or unattended death. Though you will need to check your specific policy coverage, Bio X Hawaii will carefully document all damages and fill out the paperwork before filing a claim on your behalf.

The biohazard cleanup process

When you call us at Bio X Hawaii to have your Oahu vacation rental cleaned of biohazards, you’ll talk to our owner, Mark. He will talk the situation over with you and ask you several questions before going through the steps needing to be taken to remediate your property and return it to safe rental condition. He’ll then schedule a time to complete the work that is convenient for you.

We make it as easy as possible for you

Knowing your reputation is at stake, we arrive in an unmarked vehicle and wear plain uniforms to protect your privacy. Working as quickly and discreetly as possible, we don’t share details of what happened and keep prying eyes away.

We understand many Oahu vacation rental owners do not live full-time on Oahu. For your convenience, we are happy to work with you over the phone at a distance and handle the cleanup on your behalf. Simply call us and arrange access to the unit so we can get inside and complete our work. We will then let you know as soon as the job is finished and can provide documentation of the biohazard cleanup so you have peace of mind the property is once more safe to rent.

Call us today

Our owner, Mark, is always available to help and answer any questions you may have. Give us a call us today for a free quote and consultation and we’ll have your Oahu vacation rental cleaned and disinfected as if the event never happened. Simply let us know how we can help.

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